Menu Admin

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  • This extension will help to easily change classic navigation look. Menuadmin extension support top, bottom, left and right navigation blocks.
  • You can configure the menu items in the admin panel. It is very flexible
  • You can:
  • - create multiple levels deep
  • - include the Magento category menu in the custom menu (inline / submenu)
  • - assign a CSS class to each item
  • - specify the target for each item
  • - create specific menus for each website, store or view
  • - hide category Magento menu


  • This extensions include User Manual & Installation Guide.
  • Easy 5 minute installation & configuration
  • Meets Magento programming best practices.


Magento Compatibility: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

  • This extensions include User Manual & Installation Guide.
  • It also include a license for your "local host".

  • When you purchase the extension you have to enter the domain to which the license will be generated.
  • The domain could have or not have (http://) is indistinct. The license file will be generated with and without "www" so you will have no problems with your license.< /li>
  • After you have paid for the extension, you may access your dashboard from which you can download the license file generated for the domain you entered (left menu "Licenses").
  • You have to override the license file in the module by the license you have downloaded. (It is explained in the Installation Guide).