Quote from Cart

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Quote from Cart is an extension that allows the user to submit a quote request based on the products containing the cart


The quotes may be answered (or exported) by the administrator from the Magento backend.


Users can see the quotes requested and the response of the administrator in the account dashboard.


This extension does not eliminate the checkout process. Your users can request quotes or make a purchase in your store.



- You can easily configure the form fields from the Magento backend.

- You can easily configure the look of the success page, can include a tracking code, title, metatags and, ofcourse, the content of the page

- Allow or disallow the sending of request from guest users

- Can configure the mail delivery options


This extensions include User Manual & Installation Guide.

Easy 5 minute installation & configuration

Meets Magento programming best practices

Magento Compatibility: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

  • This extensions include User Manual & Installation Guide.
  • It also include a license for your "local host".

  • License
  • When you purchase the extension you have to enter the domain to which the license will be generated.
  • The domain could have or not have (http://) is indistinct. The license file will be generated with and without "www" so you will have no problems with your license.< /li>
  • After you have paid for the extension, you may access your dashboard from which you can download the license file generated for the domain you entered (left menu "Licenses").
  • You have to override the license file in the module by the license you have downloaded. (It is explained in the Installation Guide).